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a Few words About Bob

Born, raised and now based in the Windsor/Detroit area, aka "the Center of the automotive universe". Bob is now 30 years into his automotive career. What started out as a 20 year old rookie taking ups on the floor of a Jeep dealership in 1990, Bob is now a leading expert in the automotive import / export industry.

Bob is the founder of:

  • South Ontario Auto Remarketing (SOAR) -SOAR is an independent auto remarketing agency that works with dealer groups and other major consigners to provide creative solutions and processes regarding their specific inventory distribution or acquisition needs.

    "Supply is the Edge"

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  • Can-Am Dealer Services---Can-Am Dealer Services is an international ,solutions focused , warranty and insurance agency servicing auto dealer partners in Canada and the United States.

    Our signature product is a Limited Warranty ,designed specifically and offered exclusively by Can-Am and its underwriting partners, to replace/mimic voided OEM warranties on vehicles imported/exported between Canada/USA. Available to any licensed auto dealer in Canada or the United States. 3/36 basic 5/60 PT from original in-service .(certain exclusions apply, depending on state law)

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  • Sell Your Car Ontario-- SYCO --SYCO was designed to make the process of selling a vehicle fast, easy and hassle free for the consumer while at the same time helping solve Bob's vehicle acquisition/supply needs(win/win).

    The easiest way to sell your car.

    It's crazy's crazy fast and we pay crazy good!

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